A unique position in Mixed practice for a new or recent graduate

In response to industry wide problems with staffing and sustainability in rural veterinary practices we have decided to have a go at doing something practical to help. We are a group of 3 practices ideally located on the Southern Downs in Queensland which have decided to co-operate between ourselves to develop a training or intern style mixed practice position. All three practices are well established and have their niches and we feel that between us we can offer an optimal start to practice.


Our practices are varied and consist of a mixed practice with small animal, cattle and horse components, a dedicated high standard small animal practice and an equine specialist practice with general, stud and specialist hospital components. For more details on our practices refer to our websites:






The position will run for 2 years, with an option for a third year.  We will have a structured program with agreed competencies and outcomes which we will help the applicants achieve over their time with us. At the end of the initial 2 years the candidate will be encouraged to further develop in one area of interest to allow preparation for Membership of the ANZCVS and the practices will support this preparation.  Alternatively, assistance to study towards a Certificate of the RCVS would be provided. 


With the successful applicant we will structure a program that allows them to develop at a minimum these basic general practice skills and outcomes before the end of their second year:


  • Concise and precise clinical record keeping in line with VSBQ policy

  • Empathetic communication skills and rapport building

  • Time management skills

  • Sense of responsibility for themselves, relationships and their patient outcomes 

  • Basic knowledge of medicine and surgery in all species

  • APAV accreditation

  • BullCheck accreditation

  • PregCheck accreditation


Competency in the following areas will also be achieved:


  • Surgery 

    • Dog and cat spay and castration

    • Wound management in all species

    • Castration of horses 

    • Caesarean in dogs, cats and ruminants

    • Simple and complex lump removals

    • Basic eye surgery

    • Exploratory laparotomy in small animals

  • Anaesthesia in all species in various settings

  • Dentistry in dogs, cats, and horses

  • Thorough and organised approach to all medical cases, simple to complex

  • Reproduction

    • Small animal AI and ultrasound examination

    • Mare ultrasound examinations and chilled and frozen AI in horses

    • AI in cattle

  • Obstetric skills

    • Ovine and bovine prolapse management

    • Dystocia in dogs, cats, sheep, cattle and horses


At the end of the 2-year period a successful graduate of the program will have the opportunity to join one of the practices or work between them for a third year and during this year will be encouraged to focus more on one area of practice to  set them up to succeed in membership examination in their chosen discipline. 


For this exciting job opportunity, we are looking for:


  • A graduate veterinarian registerable in Queensland, including new graduates and recent graduates

  • A vet with a can-do attitude who seeks solutions

  • A vet who works well in a team and wants to grow within the group

  • A vet who enjoys a yarn yet can keep to a schedule

  • And a vet who likes to embrace a challenge, work hard and have balance to their life

  • Someone who wants to become part of a rural community


Why our focus on a mixed practice position?


Many of our great specialists and industry leaders started in mixed practice. All the veterinarians in the 3 practices have started their careers this way. Mixed practice in smaller communities gives you the opportunity to build relationships with your clients which is essential for learning good client communication, the foundation of a good veterinarian.  In mixed practice a veterinarian can apply their learning in a varied and mixed caseload with clients that allow you to give it a go. 


In our case you will get these benefits with the advantage of excellent support from very experienced and qualified vets. This experience and consolidation of your skills and knowledge will set you up for success in any aspect of veterinary science that you may chose going forward.


An expected starting salary for a new graduate would be $60,000 plus super, while a graduate with a couple of years relevant experience could start at $80,000 and will be commensurate with their experience. On-call work is required and is shared between all staff members one weekend in three and this commitment remunerated in line with award recommendations.


For further details on this position including accommodation assistance if needed, contact Dave on 0400 047 680 or dave@killarneyvet.com.au


For more details on the region check out Queensland Southern Downs Region at https://www.sdrc.qld.gov.au/or https://southerndownsandgranitebelt.com.au/