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At Killarney Vets we strive to meet your animals and your own needs in a caring and professional manner.  We are a small passionate team dedicated to providing caring, current, and comprehensive animal health care.  We offer a range of services and have some of the latest diagnostic equipment available to help us help your pet.  Our dedicated team has a wealth of knowledge in small animal medicine, soft tissue, and orthopaedic surgery, equine medicine, equine reproduction, and general large animal work.  


We are a community-minded team and support our community during different events via sponsorship and volunteer work.  We are passionate about providing a service that fits with the values of our community and hope we make everyone and their pets feel welcome in our clinic.

Horse Breeding

From live cover to Chilled and Frozen Artificial Insemination and more. 

Find out more about Killarney Vets breeding program.

Tick season is now open for business

September marks the start of the paralysis tick season in many parts of Australia. With an increasing number of tick cases this season remember to be one step ahead and have your pets protected. 

Find out more about ticks and what to look for in your pets.

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