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Business services
Reception hours
8am – 5pm Monday to Friday
Killarney Vets operates by appointments only, we service a large area and need to attend emergencies so a Veterinarian may not be available if you just show up.  We do however offer a drop off service at Killarney Vets that may be suitable, depending upon your pet or horses condition.
We will endeavour to accommodate all appointment requests at a time that is suitable for you and urgent appointments as soon as possible.
We will do our best to always keep to our appointment schedule, however emergencies and complications do arise from time to time and we may need to reschedule.  Please ensure we have your best contact number on file to allow us to contact you in a timely manner.  If we are doing a property visit and are more than 15 minutes late, please check in with us.
While we will do our best to accommodate your urgency to have a pet, horse or your livestock attended to, we need to triage each appointment request and schedule accordingly in order to minimise disruption to other clients’ scheduled appointments or more importantly allow us to attend more urgent cases.  Cattle pregnancy testing and bull testing can take a lot of time and typically occurs for everybody at around the same time of year.  We strongly recommend booking this in at least 2 weeks in advance in order to allow us the opportunity to schedule this work on your preferred day and time.
Woodenbong, Urbenville, Old Bonalbo and Bonalbo
We offer an appointment only run service to Woodenbong, Urbenville, Old Bonablo and Bonalbo on Wednesdays for non-urgent appointments to reduce travel costs for our clients.  Where possible we try to accommodate more urgent appointments.  It is preferred that you book your appointment or order any medication and supplies at least the day prior to our run.  We schedule appointments the day prior to the run.  If you haven’t heard from us for an appointment time by 3pm the day prior, please telephone us.
Bonalbo/Old Bonalbo - 1st Wednesday of the month
Woodenbong/Urbenville - every other Wednesday of the month
We offer an after-hours service for all your urgent pet, horse and livestock needs.  We are happy to help after-hours for urgent consultations, advice and medications/supplies, non-urgent calls and messages will be returned during reception hours.
You can contact our on duty Veterinarian by either calling the clinic on 07 4664 1344 and following the prompts or by calling the after-hours mobile directly on 0414 354 350.  Please, do not SMS or email in an emergency.  Please, do not just go to the clinic without phoning ahead.
Should you get our after-hours voicemail, listen carefully and follow the instructions.  We need a detailed message including your return telephone number and name in order for us to be able to call you back (caller ID does not work).
We only have one Veterinarian on duty after-hours and they may already be attending an emergency, so if you have an emergency and your message is not returned within 10 minutes, please call again.  Should your call go unanswered the second time, please consider contacting another practice:
Warwick Town & Country Vets – 07 4661 1132
Warwick Veterinary Clinic – 07 4661 1105
Condamine Veterinary Clinic – 07 4667 1176
Warwick Equine Veterinarians – 0438 791 804
Tenterfield Veterinary Clinic – 02 6736 2233
Casino Veterinary Clinic – 02 6662 2488
Kyogle Veterinary Clinic – 02 6632 2322
Drop off appointments
No time to make an appointment or a suitable appointment time is not available for you?  Consider our drop off appointment service in Killarney.  Our nurses will take a detailed history, measure your pet or horses vital signs and ensure that the presenting concerns and your pet or horses health is suitable for this service.  We will get your best contact details for the day and advise you of when we will likely be able to examine your pet and horse.  A Veterinarian will call you to discuss their examination findings before proceeding with tests and treatment to obtain your consent.  A small surcharge will apply for the sanitisation of the kennel or yard used for your pet or horses stay.
Admissions and discharges
Admissions for surgery occur between 8am and 9am.  Please remove all access to food by 8pm the night before, water is ok up until admission time.  Other times can be arranged however additional boarding charges may apply.
Discharges from surgery occur between 4pm and 5pm, subject to the Veterinarian’s approval.  Other times can be arranged however additional boarding charges may apply.
Communication to us
Our preferred method of contact is always a phone call to 07 4664 1344.
For non-urgent communication, it may be more convenient to SMS us on 0414 354 350 or email us,
Communication from us
Our practice management software can be setup to ensure that we are communicating with you the right way.  We can send emails, text messages and letters for all your pet’s reminders, appointments and invoices/statements.  Please give us a call or drop in when convenient so that we can update our records.  We would like to know:
  • The best contact person for your animal’s health reminders and appointments and their mobile telephone number and email address,
  • The best contact person for invoices and statements and their mobile telephone number and email address, and
  • Any other contact details that you wish for us to have on file in case we cannot reach the above contacts.
Telephone and reception enquiries
We welcome telephone and drop in enquiries as we are here to help.  Please keep in mind however that a Veterinarian may not be immediately available to help as they may be in a consult, performing surgery, attending hospital patients, on an out call or making another phone call. 
  • Our Nurses can assist you with making an appointment, account enquiries and orders.
  • Should you require urgent advice and a Veterinarian is not immediately available to speak with you, our nurses can take a detailed message and obtain the advice you are looking for as soon as they can make contact with a Veterinarian.  Alternatively, they can schedule you a telephone consultation.
  • We will endeavour to return your call the same day, however, the Veterinarian’s case load may not allow this to occur.  Providing our nurses with as much detail as possible in the message to our Veterinarian will allow us to prioritise more urgent ones.
Hospital patients
We aim to complete our hospital rounds by 9am each morning however emergencies may delay us.  If you haven’t heard from a Veterinarian by 9am for an update, please telephone us so that our nurses can give you an update, and when required a Veterinarian will call for a more detailed update as soon as they are available.
Patient care
Veterinary medicine and surgery can be challenging but we are here to help every step of the way.  Depending upon the case, we will often schedule a follow-up appointment or phone call to check how things are going and be able to give you further advice and change treatment as necessary.  Please follow the medication and care instructions given to you by our Veterinarians as they are important in ensuring a good outcome.  At times however things can change; further symptoms may develop, medication may not suit, following our instructions or giving medication may be challenging.  However we are here to help so please let us know immediately if you have any questions or concerns about the treatment plan or symptoms you may be observing.
Stay up to date with Killarney Vet’s news and information by:
We have many obligations under legislation, regulation and codes of conduct to adhere to when supplying medication and writing prescriptions.  We can be prosecuted or lose our right to prescribe if we break these laws.  How does this affect you?
  • Only Veterinarians can approve the supply of prescription medication.  A Veterinarian may not be available if you just drop in for your prescription medication so you must phone ahead so that our Nurses have sufficient time to get approval to supply you with what you require.
  • We can only supply or write a prescription for patients under our care with a bona fide client relationship.  What does this mean?
    • We can, at the Veterinarian’s discretion, supply repeat medication for dogs and cats if we have seen that patient within the last 6 months
    • We can, at the Veterinarian’s discretion, supply repeat medication for horses and livestock if we have attended your home or property in the last 12 months
  • A prescription medication is an S4 e.g. Orbenin Eye Ointment, antibiotics and 3 Day Vaccine are some examples
We stock a wide range of medications and pet supplies, however, we cannot keep everything in stock.  We are happy to do special orders any time, however, please keep in mind it takes time to order and arrive.  We aim to place special orders in line with our normal ordering days to reduce freight costs to you, however we can place urgent orders with our suppliers, however, freight will be additional.  Special medication orders can take over a week so please order well in advance of running out of your pet’s medication.
Medications and pet supplies can be expensive, however, we are a small business that can only purchase these items for re-sale through a veterinary wholesaler, this unfortunately adds an extra layer of expense.  We would rather see our patients get the necessary products and medications than going without, so if affordability is an issue, please consider requesting a prescription for your medications, shopping online or at a chain, retail store.  Having said that, medications and pet supplies sales are an integral part of any veterinary practice business and shopping locally helps keep another business in town employing locals and spending locally.
Veterinary treatment can be expensive, we can usually give fairly accurate estimates of costs, however complications may arise, response to treatment may be slow, and on some occasions treatment may not be successful.  We will endeavour to keep you updated on treatment costs, however, we do ask that you discuss with us costs and your estimated treatment budget.
For information regarding our payment policy, please see:
We love to hear good news stories and appreciate your thanks and reviews.  At times we may fall short too, and for this we sincerely apologise if we have not met your expectations.  We prefer that if we fall short of your expectations or make a mistake that you give us the opportunity to rectify the matter or situation, so please give us a call   
immediately when a concern arises or send us an email.
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