General services
  • Pet health and vaccination programs
  • General and emergency surgery, including orthopaedics
  • Small Animal Dentistry
  • Horse and cattle general and surgical visits
  • House calls and property visits
  • Twice weekly clinic and property visits to Urbenville & surrounds
  • Out of business hours emergency service
  • Ultrasound & digital x-ray
  • In-house blood testing and external pathology service
  • Horse and cattle pregnancy diagnosis
  • Freeze branding, Equine Dentistry, Studbook Identification
  • Herd Health visits
  • Euthanasia in a place of comfort for our clients and patients with various aftercare options
Killarney Veterinary Surgery
Urbenville & District Veterinary Surgery
36 Willow Street Killarney Q 4373
07 4664 1344 or 02 6634 1314
Reception 8am-4pm Monday-Friday
7 days a week by appointment
Thursday by appointment
Emergencies any time, please phone