Killarney Veterinary Surgery
Urbenville & District Veterinary Surgery
36 Willow Street Killarney Q 4373
07 4664 1344 or 02 6634 1314
Reception 8am-6pm Monday-Friday
7 days a week by appointment
Tuesday and Thursday by appointment
Emergencies any time, please phone
Horse services
  • Quality horse products, accesories and supplements
  • Health programs for horses including vaccinations and dentistry
  • Horse facilities and stabling
  • Mare scanning, infertility investigations, treatments and artificial insemination
  • Horse lameness and performance evaluation with blood testing, xrays and ultrasound
  • Horse pre-purchase, insurance and breed society examinations
  • Castrations and field surgery
  • Freeze branding
  • Skin tumour treatment incl. melanomas and sarcoids
  • In hospital medical, eye and wound treatment