Cattle services
  • Herd health programs and disease/loss investigations
  • Nutritional and reproductive disease testing
  • Individual sick, injured and down cow treatment and advice
  • Artificial insemination
  • Bull soundness examination and semen testing
  • Manual and ultrasound pregnancy testing and NCPD testing 
  • Calf care including at-clinic tick-paralysis treatment, hospitalisation and hernia repairs
  • Obstetrics incl. calf delivery, caesarian, uterine and vaginal prolapse repair
Killarney Veterinary Surgery
Urbenville & District Veterinary Surgery
36 Willow Street Killarney Q 4373
07 4664 1344 or 02 6634 1314
Reception 8am-4pm Monday-Friday
7 days a week by appointment
Thursday by appointment
Emergencies any time, please phone